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With over 350 frames to choose from, all of which are carefully hand-selected by our very own experts, you’re in for a treat at our practice.


We have a wide range of top designer frames including collections from Ted Baker, Joules, Johan Van Goosen, Modo and Stepper. 

If it’s something without a designer label you’re after we have options to suit you too. 

Finally, if it’s your child that needs eyewear you know how important it is that they’re comfortable in their new accessory.


For that reason, we have a great collection of exciting frames for youngsters, including designs by Converse & Joules Petite, as well as a wide range of unbranded, NHS options.

woman wearing quality designer glasses
Eyewear Styling

Eyewear styling

At Stroud Vision Centre we have a team of dispensing opticians who have each been trained to advise you about which frame shapes, styles and colours will suit both your features and your budget best.


If you would rather browse your perfect frame yourself, however, an honest opinion will always be on hand should you want it.

Frames and lenses come in a wide variety of different materials, designs and coatings so knowing what to choose can be difficult. Our friendly team are expert in converting information about your lifestyle and preferences into a new pair of glasses.


We understand that it is your decision – our job is to help you make one you’re happy with. 

Eyewear to be seen in

man wearing glasses
wolf eyewear
Joules womens eyewear
Woman wearing designer glasses
ted baker eyewear
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Prescription sunglasses

If you require vision correction, a quality pair of prescription sunglasses should be part of your repertoire.


Sunglasses are not only a fashion statement, they provide protection from UV light that can cause significant damage to the eyes over time.


With prescription sunglasses, you don’t have to worry about reduced vision or eye strain when you’re enjoying the outdoors. 

Spectacle lenses

Your spectacle lenses are how you see the world.


We source only the best quality lenses in a variety of types so you can always rely on your glasses for vision and protection.


Our spectacle lenses can be created specifically for you with coatings and shapes designed to your specifications.


We factor in your visual requirements and your lifestyle to offer you a range of options from lens manufacturers that we recommend for their quality. 

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