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Hearing Care

Hearing tests in Stroud

Do you find yourself finding it more difficult to hear conversations with friends and family? Or needing to turn up the volume on the television? Perhaps you may want to consider a free hearing check with our Audiologist.


Hearing loss affects every part of your life and we want to catch and correct it as quickly as possible.


Our hearing tests look for all different kinds of hearing loss and we can provide treatments and devices to help improve your hearing. 

Wearing Helmet

Wax removal

One common cause of hearing loss is a build-up of excessive wax in the ear canal. Some people overproduce wax and having it removed regularly is necessary to maintain good hearing.


Our wax removal procedures are quick, effective and carried out by an audiologist with years of experience. If you think wax removal could improve your hearing, get in touch today. 

Hearing device aftercare

We offer an extensive aftercare package with all new hearing devices. Aftercare appointments allow us to check that your device is still providing you with the best hearing possible.


During the appointment, we’ll retest your hearing and chat with you about any problems you might have with the device. Aftercare is our way of providing continuing support for you and your hearing as you get used to your device. 

Our Audiologist

Nick Thomas


I have been in audiology for over 5 years, having studied at Mary Mare Newbury under Oxford Brooks University. After qualifying I also trained in wax removal. The most enjoyable part of my job is meeting and helping clients with hearing difficulties. I find it an extremely satisfying profession, meeting clients in the comfort of their own home and helping them to improve their hearing.


I was born in Hannover, Germany as my father was in the forces, and I returned to the UK when I was 25. I have three children and two amazing grandchildren that take up a great deal of my spare time. When not with them, and weather permitting, there is nothing better than rolling my Harley Davidson out of the garage and hitting the open road. Top of my bucket list is to take my Harley to America’s Yellowstone national park.

Audiologist at Stroud Vision Centre
Book your free hearing test

Hearing loss can happen for many reasons, and we encourage people take care of their hearing as we understand the difficulties that hearing loss can bring.


If you’d like to book an appointment with our audiologist simply contact us today and know that your ear health is in good hands.

Hearing Tests

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Thank you. Our audiologist will contact you to arrange a convenient appointment.

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