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Contact Lenses

A few years ago our options were limited when it came to contact lenses. However, thanks to continual developments in this area of optometry, today there are more products available than ever before.

With contact lenses ranging from daily use options to those you can re-use for up to a month, it’s now likely there is a contact lens for you, even if you’ve been told you’re unsuitable to wear them in the past.

Not only can different contact lenses be worn for different periods of use, they are also made from various materials to maximise your comfort.


Additionally, they are each designed to allow oxygen to enter the eyes, preventing them from drying out and therefore reducing your risk of developing sore, tired or irritated eyes.

woman applying contact lens

Contact lens specialists

Being a specialist contact lens practice and an independent optician means we’re not limited to the contact lenses we supply. In fact, we have access to a number of suppliers, which means you can rest assured you’ll only ever be recommended the product best suited to your needs.


At Stroud Vision Centre we specialise in fitting contact lenses, including those with complicated prescriptions. 


Whether you are interested in trying contact lenses for the first time or simply wish to explore your options, you can look forward to an unhurried service at our practice. Whereas some large corporate opticians see up to 50 contact lens patients a day, we take our time seeing no more than 18. This gives us plenty of time to find out more about your lifestyle and requirements, dispense an appropriate product and show you how to insert, remove and care for your eyewear properly.

Finally, as well as being a great alternative to wearing spectacles, contact lenses are also recommended for active adults, keen sportsmen and women and children as young as 8 (providing they are mature enough to look after them).

Choosing the right contact lens

There are many different types of contact lenses that we source for our patients including soft and rigid lenses; lenses for single, bifocal and varifocal vision; and specialist lenses designed for people with astigmatism and other eye conditions.


Many of these lenses have different options for full and part-time use and daily and monthly wear. In other words, whatever the needs of your eyes and your lifestyle we’ll be able to find great lenses for you.  

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Your contact lens appointment

The contact lens assessment is an important step in which we check that you’re eligible to wear lenses and examine your eyes to see which type will be best suited to you.


As with all our appointments, we leave plenty of time so you can chat with your optometrist about which kind of lenses will be best for your lifestyle. 

Convenient aftercare and payment scheme

To provide you with comprehensive care we offer the Stroud Vision Care scheme, an inclusive package designed to give you everything you need while selecting your new contact lenses.


Included in the package is a complete aftercare service so can ensure you are still getting the most out of your lenses, and a convenient monthly payment scheme so that you never run out of your supply. 

Please ask a member of the team for more information about the Stroud Vision Care scheme.

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