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Children's eyecare

When it comes to your child’s future you want them to have the very best opportunities in life don’t you? You want them to enjoy sports and activities, socialise with their friends and choose an occupation that they love.


However, all of these things can become far more difficult without clear vision.

It is estimated that 1 in 4 school aged children has an undiagnosed eye condition. This means that your child could have a potential problem that you don’t know about.

Because the majority of eye conditions don’t have any obvious symptoms, you shouldn’t rely on your youngster to tell you they’re having problems with their sight. You should, however, ensure that they are seeing an optician for regular examinations from as young as one year old. 

Kid having an eye exam at stroud vision centre

Children's eye exams

Did you know that kids don’t even have to be able to read to have their eyes tested? We can test their vision and check the health of their eyes through a series of fun and relaxed tests involving colours and images. 

At Stroud Vision Centre you can rest assured that your child is in the very best hands. Our team of friendly professionals each have a wealth of experience testing eyes of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers.

Eye examinations are free on the NHS for children who:

  • are under 16

  • are 16, 17 or 18 and in full-time education.


Additionally, the local hospital often refers their young patients to us based on the expertise, care and attention our team dedicated to youngsters.

Myopia Care

Myopia care

Myopia is another word for shortsightedness and refers to the inability to focus on objects in the background.


Many children will not notice they have myopia, which is why it’s important for children to have regular eye tests.


The condition is also increasingly common in children and gets worse over time so catching and correcting it is more important than ever.


Fortunately, once diagnosed myopia can be controlled with specialised spectacles and contact lenses. 

young boy suffering from myopia

Kids eyewear

We offer an exciting and regularly updated selection of glasses for children. Our selection is carefully curated based on comfort, durability and style.


Our experienced consultants understand how important glasses can be for children so will always work hard to make sure they find a pair they’re happy with. 


We also offer Hoya MySight spectacle lenses for myopia management. This quality supplier uses the latest lens technology to lessen the vision loss caused by myopia while providing optimum vision correction.  

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